Kids on the ship, which very small. I, at 5’3”, am too tall to walk through the doorways or to standup straight in the lower deck. The ships are fully functioning and do sail to other parts of the country. So they say. I’m not sure how, but I’m also not interested in finding out how.

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Historic ships in Jamestown, Va

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Rappahanock River. The Washington’s front yard. Highest point of the river a ship can make to unload goods.

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Archeological site of George Washington’s childhood home

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There’s one of my favorite men! The odds of him being at the same place as us yesterday was crazy low! I spoke to him and he remembered the kids and I from a family friend in Pa. He told me Uncle Don still hadn’t called him back! I heart him. He’s so genuine and down to earth.

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One of the many injured bald eagles at the park. This one was illegally shot in Va and rehabbed as best as possible. She will never fly again.

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They’re on their own for this ride because I know how sick I made my dad on this… And payback is a bitch.

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No, you’re playing Uno with WWE wrestling cards right now!

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Things found in the bathroom at this hotel. Priorities, I suppose.

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I feel like he’s about to start twiddling his thumbs

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